Getting a still photo of Sadie Belle is quite an accomplishment. Lots of puppy in this girl. The shelter estimated her age at 1 and a half, but our vet thinks she’s about a year old at most. We’re going to get DNA on her to find out her lineage. For now, best guess is that she’s a cardigan/shiba inu mix. She looks bigger in pictures than she actually is. Only 27 pounds.

Chinocorgi is back on the air

It’s been a very tough couple of weeks, but thankfully both corgmom and our new furkid Sadie are getting healthy again. When we brought Sadie home from the shelter earlier this month, she had just been spayed. We found out that she had 6 almost full-term puppies taken, and lost a lot of blood in the process. She also had a bad case of kennel cough and had to be taken to the emergency vet for respiratory distress on the day she came home. She had to be segregated from Bonnie and Rikki for two weeks to make sure they didn’t catch anything. We’re just now getting the 3 furkids introduced, which should be interesting.
Corgmom had a root canal from 20 years ago get reinfected, and we found out just how lousy our dental insurance is under Medicare. Dentists don’t want to touch Medicare/Delta Dental patients, and as a result we had 3 separate trips to the emergency room to get IV antibiotics. The infection spread to the lower jaw, and she had a golf ball sized lump (very painful, too) that didn’t go away until yesterday. Oral surgery on Tuesday morning. The doctor agreed to extract the tooth at a reduced rate, or we would have been out of luck.
Anyway, pictures galore coming, and I apologize for going off the air for this amount of time. Family comes first. Nice to be back.

Bonnie and Rikki have a new sisfur! Her name is Sadie, and she just came from the Downey, CA shelter to her new home in Chino. She is a corgi mix, possibly even a pem-cardi (not sure on that part of it). We found her on the “Rescue Me” site. She had been picked up in Bellflower as a stray, but she has been someone’s baby at on time. She is very happy and gets along with both people and dogs. She was spayed yesterday, so we need to keep her separated from her new sibs for awhile, but they seem to be very excited about the new addition. We just got a new camera, so Sadie will get lots of photo ops.